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Ali Eslami, the One Who Beat Machine in Poker

He is one of two people, who first won the man-machine poker championship. It happened in 2007. The other guy was Phil Laak. So, they beat Polaris. This software was developed at the University of Alberta. It is a Texas hold'em $10/$20 limit poker game.

That is one of the rare events, when the people appear to be smarter than the designed programs, which have thousands of the card combinations and their outcomes. They were the pioneers in this field as some other live casinos are the pioneers in the gambling industry.

On the first day the machine beat them by almost $1000, but who knew that miracles happen. It was a duplicate match, where the luck element was eliminated, while the skill element was emphasized on.

Beating by $570

On the second day Phil Laak beat the machine by $110. And Ali Eslami defeated the machine by $460. It was their final session, and the total winning of the humans over machine was $570.

The Polaris developers received a huge home task to improve the software and make the lives of the best poker players harder.

He won $299,171 in total.

39th World Series of Poker 200820th $5,596
39th World Series of Poker 20087th $41,441
39th World Series of Poker 200811th $36,096
38th Annual World Series of Poker34th $4,185
38th Annual World Series of Poker55th $10,571
38th Annual World Series of Poker5th $42,612
38th Annual World Series of Poker28th $13,778
Festa al Lago / WPT Event61st $12,525
37th Annual World Series of Poker40th $2,233
37th Annual World Series of Poker17th $23,216
37th Annual World Series of Poker13th $43,197
Legends of Poker - WPT Season 410th $1,950
Heavenly Hold 'Em11th $6,325
LA Poker Classic / WPT Event Season 318th $3,151
California State Poker Championship9th $5,610
35th Annual World Series of Poker49th $45,000
Legends Of Poker WPT Season 215th $1,685

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