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Poker Table Images: The Good Guy or the Bad Guy?

Probably the best character actors out there are Steve Buscemi and John Turturo, both of which are incredible talents and have had successful and prolific careers. Due to their personalities and appearance, they always get cast into similar role types. Nobody is a better scumbag compared to Turturo and Buscemi is the ideal weirdo crook out there.

Poker artThe creation of usable table images within No-Limit Hold'em is quite similar to good character acting. When it comes to poker, showing personalities that are extreme is not exactly simple, but it can truly pay off in the long run. To some exten it may work with roulette as well.

When you choose to play at an online casino, you can choose either to play video poker or casino games. Both these kinds of games have great promotions and features; you can choose the game depending on what you are looking for.

Table images play much smaller roles when it comes to limit poker because every action is dictated by strong mathematical plays and proper strategies. In no-limit poker, however, manipulating how opponents see you could affect a lot of their game actions. This could change sizes in bets, starting selections in hands, and aggression levels, for example.

Not every no-limit scenario is going to profit from image concentration, though. Within huge multi-table tournaments, you might move tables so frequently that advertising will not help. This skill would therefore be ideally used in sit-and-gos, cash games, or final tables where the exact same players will stay with you for longer.

There are dozens of table image varieties that work successfully, with hundreds of variations that go with them. For players who are merely starting to experiment table image alteration, the possibilities could be endless. So how can you choose out of such a veritable smorgasbord of choices?

As with other no-limit choices, like play style and aggression level, your choice should cater to the situation, and needs to be chosen specifically to create desired effects. Although there might be tons of different roles for you to choose from, every one creates two effects: inducing respect and inducing action from opponents.

There are two main table images, as follows:

The Good Guy

The good guy is meant to encourage some respect from opponents. This is beneficial because you will get raised, re-raised and bluffed much less often and get to see free cards more often, as well. Plus, your huge bets are going to be taken seriously because you always appear to have strong hands.

With a firm establishment of the good guy image, two moves will significantly grow in power: continuation bets will get much more credibility, giving you more chances of taking hands down at flops and, since you seem strong, semi-bluffs and bluffs will succeed much more. Some techniques can also be seen at casino gambling blog.

The Bad Guy

The bad guy image is carefully made to send chips to the pot, where you could possibly win them all. The bad guy image is beneficial because your big hands will pay off more often. Tight players are going to pull back in fear of getting out-flopped by bad hands, though other players are going to overplay good. However, vulnerable hands, such as top kickers and top pairs, will give you better access to opponents’ stronger hands and will act accordingly.

Just like the good guy, the bad guy has some highly effective moves. Value bets get more profitability since players will get tired of the aggression. The benefits of the bad guy come from illusions of impropriety, so overbets become lucrative, too.

In the majority of cases, the general table feel should guide your overall choice in your poker table image. If a lot of the game players are predominantly loose or aggressive, the good guy would be the more profitable choice since you want to get respect. If the best online poker game is filled with tight or passive players, enjoy being the bad guy. Within cash games, your overall choice might be guided by huge table stacks. There won’t be much profit in fooling somebody who only has a third of your stack of chips, but players that have you covered would be worth working on.

Regardless of the character that you opt for, your acting abilities, natural personality, and type of mood will also play a part in the overall scheme of things. As long as you opt for the most profitable choice for your table, however, you cannot go wrong. Good luck!


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