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Casino and Culture: Different Approaches

People have different opinions when it comes to the casinos and gambling. The first thing that comes into the minds of people at the mention of casino is gambling. Even though gambling has been around for various centuries it still rubs other society members wrongly. This withdrawn opinion is attributed to the losses that have been experienced by those into gambling. This is one of the reasons why it took much longer for casino businesses to be legalized even in the most developed countries around the world. For a very long time it was believed that casinos contributed to failed or wrecked families, irresponsible behavior and had a bad influence to what was presumed to be moral culture standards.

The flip side that most people forget to consider is that casinos are gaming spots like any other. This means that there has to be a winner and a loser in every game and this is where the struggle begins. Again this has been contributed to in places where responsible gambling is not encouraged. This aspect of over spending on bets has pushed casinos to adopt new measures that are meant to enlighten and protect their clients from the dangers of extreme gambling.

What may have not occurred to many persons is that casino plays a major role in the economy. This is based on the amount of money that circulates in these business enterprises. Governments on the other hand benefit to some extent from the taxes raised from casinos which can be equated to billions of dollars every year. This taxation aspect however depends on the legality of the games offered in casinos and the laws governing the operation of these businesses.

Enactment of the relevant laws came much later in 20th century after the realization that casinos were here to stay and that there are benefits that could be derived from them. The process was never smooth considering the first legalized type of gambling was that of horse racing.

The returns realized prompted the legitimizing of betting with the argument that it stimulated growth in any given industry which would in return see investors make more money and this had a positive impact on the economy of a country.

So far it is believed that states and different governments are raising a whooping amount of money from casinos. With the introduction of online casinos, the number of those gambling from their houses has also increased; a factor that is still a headache to most governments since they are unable to determine the best means of collecting tax from such gamers.

Casinos will be around for a very long time and the opinions held by people will always vary. There are those who see them as a source of moral decay and collapse of character while gamers see them as a means of having fun and making money and the government find them a viable source of getting tax. The bottom line is that; casinos are a place of fun and all that a player has to do is to exercise moderation.


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