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Making Deals and Alliances in Live and Online Poker Tournaments

There are several people who know poker only as much as they show it on TV and the publicized tournaments that are televised or at casino gambling blog. These people would find it impossible to believe that deals in such best online poker tournaments are quite common. In some of the bigger poker tournaments like the World poker tour and the World Series of Poker deals aren’t normally done. Though, they are still allowed, they are not shown on the TV.

Texas Hold'em poker tournament and the deals

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However, deals do take place in live as well as online tournaments of Texas Hold’em poker games. Players are allowed to make deals with others at the final tables of the smaller events and even at several online tournaments, except when they are against the rules. Normally, deals would involve all the players that are at the final table and these players would agree on the payouts that all of them would receive at the end of the tournament.

Many players who reach at the top of the tournament do not want to fall off their high positions and do not want to loose out on their big chip stacks. Also, the players who finish last at the bottom of the chip levels can get a good deal. If all the players work out a deal they can decide on who would receive how much of the prize money.

Helpful deals

Deals can also be worked out on the chip count that would end the tournament right at that moment and the players would receive the prizes based on the value of their chips. However, some of the players who are at the bottom level of chip counts would not prefer this since they would only receive a small prize amount. And unless all the players agree the deal cannot be made at all. They could also refuse to participate in a deal and offer a better deal at a later stage of the tournament.

Once all the players agree on the deal, they would have to involve the tournament officials and get it approved by them. Without it being approved by an official authority, a deal cannot exist. By doing this a player would not be able to come back at a later stage when they receive lower prize money and ask for the tournament to begin again. Once a deal has been finalized and the payments have been made, nothing can change. The same is true with roulette or blackjack tournaments.


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