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Distribution of Casinos over the World

Gambling is a famous past time in many countries in the world. However some places in the world are known to have a large concentration of casinos and gambling contributes a lot towards government taxes. It also creates a lot of jobs and attracts visitors to these places. These locations include Macau in China, Las Vegas and Atlantic City in USA, London in the UK, Singapore, Paris in France and Monte Carlo and Nassau in the Bahamas.

Casinos in the US

Las Vegas, Nevada is commonly referred to as Sin city due to its luxury establishments’ of which casinos are in plenty. Some famous casinos located here include The Bellagio, MGM Grand and Monte Carlo Casino and Resort among others.

Atlantic City is another spot in the United States famous for its gaming establishments. It attracts some of the biggest names in entertainment to stage performances in the various casinos. These include the Wynn and Caesars Palace among others.

Gambling in Asia

Macau derives most of its revenue from gambling, and it is understandable that a lot of casinos are located here. The world’s largest casino, known as the Venetian Macau is located here. The other Asian location where you can find a lot of casinos is Singapore. Here, you will find the famous Marina Bay Sands and Resorts famous for its 3 acre sky park and over 2000 hotel rooms. The casino is also awe inspiring ensuring that player enjoy an exceptional gambling experience.

European Casinos

Paris is not only known as the city of love, but good quality gambling casinos can be found here, as well. A good example is the Aviation Club de France. Paris casinos are not as magnanimous as the ones found in other parts of the world. However, they still offer good gaming experiences, and as the industry grows it is estimated that future casinos will be of world class quality.

Monte Carlo, located along the Mediterranean Sea is known as a mecca for playboys. There is no better way to enjoy these places than to visit the impressive casinos. Some of these casinos even feature in James Bond Movies. The gambling experience here is intertwined with a lot of socializing and entertainment which attracts numerous wealthy visitors to Monte Carlo each year.

Caribbean Gambling

Nassau, Bahamas is quite similar to the Monte Carlo except that it is located along the Caribbean Sea. An exceptional casino found here is The Atlantis located on the neighboring Paradise Island. It offers a lot of entertainments and exciting gambling opportunities and visitor indulge in Golf and visit the beach when they are not visiting the Casino.

Gambling establishments all over the world are a fun past time attracting additional loyal customers each day. When properly regulated, they provide a lot of revenue to the Governments of the day and employ a lot of citizens. They also attract a lot of visitors helping to put a country or city on the map.

With the advent of online casinos, gambling has been extended beyond casino walls, making it easily accessible to players without having to visit the casino. However people still visit the casinos because they offer an unforgettable experience with value adding activities such as fine dining and entertainment shows for patrons.


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