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Claiming of a Casino Bonus

The number of online casinos coming up every day is increasing. Any casino willing to have a strong customer base must come up with ingenious ways of marketing the casino and attracting new customers. Gamblers are suckers for a bargain, and understandably many casino game enthusiasts make a point of going for such bonuses. So how does one go about getting a casino bonus?

Read the terms and conditions

One thing encouraged for anyone hoping to get a casino bonus is to read the Terms and Conditions governing the process before putting down a deposit on the game in question. Ensure that you understand all the requirements before signing up, especially where you are required to deposit money to claim bonuses. This is also important so as to identify the amount you are expected to wager to earn the sign up bonus referred to as the wagering requirement.

Keep in mind that the higher the wagering requirement the longer it will take for you to earn your bonus. Once you decide the casino game to play after careful consideration, download and install the software needed to play games from the casino. Once you complete the down load process, the software will start running, and you can register the new account. Sign up bonuses only apply to new memberships so don’t bother signing up in a casino where you already have a membership.

You will be provided with a special code that you can use when you are claiming your sign up bonuses, once you attain the required conditions. This code should be used when you purchase your chips and should be written down somewhere. Use the code to buy the amount of chips you require to use to earn a bonus.

Categories of bonuses

Bonuses are grouped in two, and these are deposit match bonuses and no – deposit bonuses. Deposit match bonuses require the player to make a large deposit to earn a large bonus. No – deposit bonuses do not require any deposits and just need the player to go through a simple sign up process inputting some simple personal details. Choose according to your preference and whether you have money to make a deposit.

Once you complete the process, you will see the bonus amount credited to your account. To be able to lay claim to the bonus you need to meet the wagering requirements which means you have to play a game until you meet the requirements for one to get a bonus. Once you attain your wagering requirement you will be allowed to withdraw your cash and quit the game if you desire. Alternatively you can continue playing the game which will help you to win additional cash based on how good you are at playing it.

The advantage of claiming casino bonuses

Sign up bonuses can help you to earn money to use on playing a game of your choice. You can also use sign up bonuses to experience new games. The money you earn from signing up will help you to buy into additional time in the game. This is preferable to using your money for the purpose.

If you like the game, the casino wins because it has gained a new customer and you win because you have discovered a new game you enjoy playing.


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