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Conditions of use

1. Accepting Terms and Conditions for use including Revisions

Whenever you are using this website or accessing it for any reasons, you are accepting the terms and conditions for use of this website including any revisions that have been implemented at regular periods of time. Moreover, if you are utilizing any services that are hosted by our website, you are bound by the terms and rules that hold good for the particular service along with other terms and conditions. If you have any doubts, you can feel free to go through the privacy policy to understand better about the site’s terms and conditions for use.

2. Powers of the Site Editor

The information and services on this website is provided for your use on a totally “as is” manner. The site editor holds the exclusive power to bring about any changes to the information and the services provided on the website and will hold full rights to delete any data provided by any people accessing the site, temporarily or on a permanent basis at any given time without providing any prior notice or obtaining prior permission and such people will have no rights or liabilities. Also, the editor to the site will take no liability or any responsibilities towards any deletions, incorrectness, correctness, and or improper retrieval of the information or of the data stored on the site.

3. Responsibility of the Users

The users of any part of this website will hold the obligation of getting registered with the site to obtain a account and will agree to supply the necessary information that is asked for during registration and will agree to provide only rightful information and not any fake information. Users need to be of a minimum age of thirteen or above to access the site. Obtaining a user account, the users agree to abide by the terms and conditions for use of the website including any revisions done on a regular basis by the editor of the website.

4. The Site’s Privacy Policy

The data collected from the users during registration including any personal details is bound by the terms and conditions as mentioned in the privacy policy of the website.

5. User Name and Password

The sole responsibility of the user name and password to your user account is yours and you shall hold responsibility towards secrecy of the password and usage of your user account at all times. You also hold the responsibility to inform the editor of the website if you are aware of any unscrupulous usage of either your account, you user name or the password to access your account.

6. Services of a third person or party

You might find advertisements of some services or other merchandise belonging to a third person or party on this website. The editor of the website is in no way responsible or be liable to information regarding the same or for any communication or dealings that you make with them.

7. Information regarding any infringement of copyrights

If you have come across any infringement of copyrights that belongs to you, the editor of the website can be notified of the same by using the below mentioned web address

[email protected]

8. Legal Issues

You concur that you will abide by the terms and conditions as applicable to all users of the website and any legal issues arising from the usage of the website by any users or from the usage of any services or products will be ruled by and in agreement with laws that are applicable locally where the website and its operations are present. With registration and becoming a user of this website, you agree to be ruled by the same set of laws that are presently applicable to other users and to the website.

9. Additional Information

i)    In case any of these terms and conditions of use of this website contradicts some law that might hold the above said provision null and void in the court of law, the above mentioned provision will be construed to reproduce the original purpose of both the parties in agreement to the laws that are applicable while other parts of the terms and conditions will hold good and be valid.

ii)    If either of the two parties fail to affirm their rights using the said terms and conditions, it shall not be implicated as a waiver of rights of the said parties and will continue to hold good and be valid.

iii)    Any claims occurring from the use of any part of the website or the products or services provided should be filed in the period not exceeding a year failing which any claims made beyond the stipulated time will be considered null and void.

iv)    The editor of the site has the capacity to allocate the responsibility and rights of the site following its terms and conditions for use, in which case, the editor of the site will not be liable under any more responsibilities.

United States Legislation

The United States Legislation concerning online gaming is not applicable to %SITENAME% as this website is developed only for information regarding poker and is not concerned with playing any online games. We sincerely request any members belonging to the United States to become thoroughly knowledgeable about the rules on online gaming for players from the United States at poker playing sites prior to making cash deposits with the site.


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