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Gambling in Macau - Best Experience

Macau is one of the administrative regions of the Peoples Republic of China, and it commonly referred to as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”. This is due to the proliferation of gambling which is evidenced by the fact that gambling is the biggest source of revenue for the region. This revenue makes up at least 50 % of the economy. It is financed by a huge clientele primarily from mainland China and Hong Kong. This industry has even attracted gaming entrepreneurs from as far as the United States and Australia that have created branches of casinos in Macau.

Many people hear of gambling in Las Vegas and think that it is the hub of gambling in the world. This is a misguided notion because Macau overtook the gaming revenue for the famous Las Vegas strip as early as 2007. Gambling in Macau is largely categorized according to casino games, greyhound racing and horse racing, although there are lotteries and sports betting activities to be played, as well.

Categories of gambling in Macau

Gambling in Macau is overseen by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of Macau. The main casino operators here are Galaxy Entertainment, Sands China and SJM holdings, and there are currently 33 casinos in Macau. 23 of these establishments are found on the Macau Peninsula, and the rest are located in the Taipa Island. The biggest of these casinos is The Venetian Macau, a luxury hotel and casino under the ownership of the Las Vegas Sands. All the casinos in Macau operate under the jurisdiction of the government and are governed by the same set of rules.

Grey hound racing is based on Greyhound Hound races and the outcomes. The greyhound is a European dog breed that is trained to participate in hunting and racing sport. The Greyhound races in Macau are held on specific days of the week and during weekends and can be seen at The Canidrome. This is the only racing stadium for greyhound racing in Asia. Bets are placed here or in off course betting centers.

Gambling related to horse racing is done at the Macau Jockey Club and The Canidrome, as well. The races are held during specific days at the race course on the Taipa Island. However, this is only open to people above the age of 18.

Betting methods in Macau

Macau is also keeping with the modern times as online betting has been part of the gambling culture since 2003. Apart from online betting, other forms of betting in Macau include off course betting, which occurs in the off course terminals located in various districts in the Taipa Islands and in Macau. These terminals are more than 80 in number.

On course betting, on the other hand, has more than 210 betting terminals located on the various courses where the different events such as greyhound races and horse racing are located. All the terminals are fully empowered to deal with bets. All bets are placed any time before and up to the start of each event.

It is also possible to bet using telephones in Macau. There is more than 38,000 telephone - betting accounts available, as well as over 600 telephone service terminals associated to the betting industry. There is also the use of Fast Access Terminals, which are personal betting terminals that make it possible for people to place bets and track the performance of these bets. These devices can also be used to make enquiries concerning betting accounts and allow gamblers to give instructions for the depositing of funds, as well as, any instructions on withdrawals.

Macau offers gamblers a wide array of betting opportunities. The fact that it is the only place in China that gamblers can find legal gambling casinos means it keeps attracting numerous visitors each year.


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