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Accepting that Making Mistakes Is a Part of Poker

No matter how good you are at poker, you cannot be perfect. In fact the same is true when you are engaged in any casino game be it roulette or best online poker. Throughout your career in poker, you would screw up several times. And every now and then you would screw up quite badly. It wouldn’t be just a minor mistake, but a huge one, meaning it wouldn’t be just one hand in a game. And it wouldn’t even be putting it all in on a pocket four in a tournament.

What I’m referring to is that every now and then you would ignore your bankroll and loose more than half of your money in just one night, and then blow up the rest of the money to console yourself. You might bluff away your entire stack in the biggest tournament of your life on the bubble. There might be things that could ruin your poker career, financially as well as psychologically.

Poker artWhat you need to remember is that everyone would screw up.

Stay cool

We are all emotional people, and no matter how casual and strong we might pretend at the table, our emotions would take control of us at times. You might say it’s a tilt or anything else. But you need to be able to deal with the situation the next day:

1.    The first thing you need to do is just relax. No matter how bad it might seem right now, it really isn’t that bad and you would not be able to change it no matter how much you worry. Just calm yourself down and get a good sleep and take a few days off from playing. Do something other than gambling to enjoy your self.

2.    Next try to take stock of the situation. Find out where you really are as far as your finance and your poker career opportunities stand. Also try to find out what more you would need to study to avoid any mistakes like that again. You can visit casino gambling blog and read some useful information.

3.    Make a plan and try to figure out how you would get out of it. If you are out of money, how are you planning to get it, how are you going to prepare for another tournament? How are you going to improve your game?

As long as you follow these steps you would be able to come out of the crisis well enough and even become a better player. Bad things always happen. All you need to keep in mind is that poker is not a short term game. How you play it in the long run and recover from all the things that you go through is what matters in the end.


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