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The Secrets to Winning Online MTT’s

Online multi-table tournaments (MTT) are amongst the most popular forms of poker or casino on the planet for people to play through with their Unibet bonus. The ability to play from the comfort of your own home, the international demographic and the expansive range of buy-in levels all contribute to its attractiveness.

But how do you manage to navigate your way through thousands of players to get into those all-important top prize spots?

#1 Learn to Fold

I can hear you from here. What on earth is this writer talking about? But it’s the truth. One of the worst habits that online poker players create is to play too many hands. So if this is an affliction that has attached itself to you, then the way to wriggle free is to play fewer hands. Learn to fold. Be patient and remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

#2 Stack Size

Stack size is everything in tournament poker. Unless you are playing in a rebuy or re-entry tournament, once you lose those chips it’s adios amigo. Always keep an eye on the size of your stack, and equally as important, the stack size of your opponents.

#3 Ranges

Once you have a handle on your stack size, you need to understand the optimal strategy that fits. To do this you need to understand ranges, from each position on the table. Learning when to shove, when to fold and when to call a shove is vitally important in tournament poker.

#4 Volume

If you play two or three tournament per day then don’t expect miracles. Poker players win consistently over the long run. They do this by applying maximum intensity over a large volume of tournaments. If you want to be a consistent winner, you have to put in the work and get to as many end zones as you can.


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